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Ah, the 80s. The trend of choice in all things 80s can be summed up with one word – BIG. The 80s served us big hair, big shoulder pads, big colors, big earrings – basically, it was all about BIG statement style. So, no surprise that big, bold 80s eyebrows take a front-row seat in brow history. Maybe it was a reaction to grandma’s drawn in eyebrows or just a nod to everything BIG – whatever the case, the 80s eyebrow let it all hang out.

 There were a ton of 80s celebrities that famously rocked this trend throughout the decade. From Brooke Shields’ era-defining bold brows to Cindy Crawford’s polished, natural arches, the bold eyebrow was having a moment. And many of those famous 80s eyebrows continue to inspire arch artists today – especially after the disastrous over-tweezing of the 90s – even our very own Kelley Baker didn’t escape the plucking craze!

 So, since things are still a bit shut down across our country, and you may not be getting your regular brow love – it’s time for some much-needed brow-spiration! Let’s revisit some of the most famous eyebrow styles rocked by 80s celebrities. Plus, our recs for which Kelley Baker products can help you achieve these beloved brow styles. Although we’re way, way past the 80s, the love of a full, natural brow is still very much alive.



Let’s face it, there’s perhaps no more iconic 80s eyebrow than Brooke’s. Her thick, bushy brows stole the show again and again. Embodying barely groomed perfection, she set the tone for 80s eyebrows. Although genetics gave her those big, beautiful brows, there’s still hope for those with less volume. To boost growth, use the Kelley Baker Peptide Serum. You’ll see a fuller set in just 4 weeks, and it works great on lashes too!


The characteristics of an oval face are a forehead that is wider than the chin and prominent cheekbones. So, if your face is wider at the forehead and narrows toward the bottom with your cheekbones being the widest part of your face, you have the universally accepted oval face. Kelley suggests a soft, angled brow as the best eyebrow shape for an oval face. Although either thin or thick brows are acceptable on an oval-shaped face, we always lean toward thicker because it appears more natural. Try the KB Tinted Brow Gel in blonde, brown or dark brown to give volume to oval-faced arches.


Madonna, true to form, did her own thing and gave us the untamed, un-plucked brow of the 80s – and as scary as it sounds, it totally worked for Madge! Those stray arch hairs gave her a beautiful, feathery brow and a bold look. In videos and on-film, she inspired her fans with her edgy, unkempt eyebrows. Even if you’re not ready to commit to stray hairs, you can mimic Madonna’s full brow by enhancing your strands with the KB Tinted Brow Gel.


Not all 80s brow styles embraced the all-natural look. Enter Grace Jones, who rocked fiercely defined slashes over traditional arches. Her brow look was pure artistry, and as edgy as her famous flattop. Grab your tweezers and the Kelley Baker Brow Defining Pencil if you’re feeling Grace’s savage 80s eyebrow look.


A model and budding young star in the 80s, Academy Award-winning actress, Jennifer Connelly starred alongside David Bowie in Labyrinth, circa 1986. Although a theatre disappointment, the film gained cult status later. The elaborate wardrobe and fantasy themes in this film were the perfect setting for Connelly’s bold brows to shine, as they still do today. For Jennifer’s youthful 80s eyebrows, the KB Daily Essentials Kit with Brow Powder Duo set has the tools you need.


Cindy Crawford rose to fame in the 80s as a supermodel powerhouse. Although not as famous as her signature mole, Cindy’s brows were a nod to the era – naturally thick and beautifully groomed. Now, we know not everyone was as brow-blessed as Cindy, but you can achieve the look with the right tools. The Kelley Baker Best of Brows Kit has everything you need to fluff your brows and create a fuller-looking set.


It wasn’t just the girls having all the fun. Plenty of famous 80s heartthrobs were rocking a full, barely touched brow back in the day. From Robert Downey (pre-Junior) to Matt Dillon to John Stamos – even Brad Pitt! Their untouched brows graced the pages of Teen Beat posters across the country – right alongside the gorgeous full brows of the fashion models gracing the covers of Vogue, Seventeen, and the like.


Although some 80s trends should definitely stay in the 80s – like the stretch stirrup pants that flattered no one – the beautiful, bold brow is always welcome. The 80s celebrities that rocked the look fit right in with the full, sleek brows preferred today. Although a bit more refined, our nod to the 80s eyebrows stands.

 Kelley Baker has pioneered brow artistry and continues to work her brow transformation magic. Whether it’s her brow services or her exclusive line of signature products, her goal is to deliver a bold, beautiful – yet natural – look. With Kelley’s help and guidance, everyone can be a Brow Babe!

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Featured Image Source – Independent